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If you are regular listener to Variety Rock, you've no doubt had the opportunity to hear a radio special or two from Redbeard - a career professional radio broadcaster and rock musician interviewer for four decades. Follow Redbeard through his blog, right here, to stay up to date on some of your favorite artists and musicians we play right here on Variety Rock 105.1.


  • Win Pink Floyd’s Division Bell 20th Anniversary Box Set!

    What a treat for Pink Floyd fans: it’s the 20th anniversary box set of the #1-selling album The Division Bell, in a sumptuous “kitchen sink” collection of various formats, new video, ...

  • Michael Penn “Try”-Dallas 7-28-97

    Brilliant  singer/ songwriter Michael Penn probably needs a publicist just to attend family functions. Both of his parents are actors, his younger brother Sean Penn is an Academy Award-winning actor and ...

  • Kinks-Low Budget 35th Anniversary-Ray Davies

    The Kinks were probably a lock for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction for their British Invasion Sixties output alone, but the middle 1970s were tough going for them until ...

  • Woodstock 45th Anniversary pt2 8-11

    Max Yasgur‘s hog farm near Woodstock in upstate New York became one of the largest cities in that state for three days in August 45 years ago, and the musicians including ...

  • Johnny Winter, Texas Guitar Legend, Passes Away on Tour

    It is with sadness that we confirm the death of Beaumont, Texas legendary blues rock guitarist/ singer/ songwriter Johnny Winter while on tour in Austria. Here at In the Studio, we ...

  • Judas Priest-Best Of with Rob Halford

    All of the members of Judas Priest grew up in or around the northern industrial English city of Birmingham amidst coal mines,steel factories,iron ore smelters,and the mountainous piles of ...

  • Woodstock 45-Carlos Santana,Pete Townshend,Paul Kantner,Graham Nash,Alvin Lee-8/4

    Interviews with the performers Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve, Pete Townshend, Alvin Lee, Paul Kantner, Graham Nash, and the recording engineer who recorded it all forty-five years ago, Eddie Kramer. Part 1 ...

  • Outlaws-Best Of-Henry Paul, the late Hughie Thomasson

    With the Allman Brothers Band from Daytona Beach and Lynyrd Skynyrd from the wrong side of Jacksonville, the state of Florida was Southern Rock Central in the mid-1970s, so any Stetson-wearing ...

  • Alice Cooper-Mascara and Monsters-Best

    Alice Cooper was the first rock star to fall to substance abuse…and survive. Think about it: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Keith Moon, Elvis Presley. To 99% of us, the ...

  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-Red River

    This gem from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers‘ unreleased full album Hypnotic Eye potentially could be the biggest song for them since “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” in the mid-’90s. Check out ...

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